Tib Street Tavern Heritage

The People

Tib Street Tavern is independently owned and both of us are perfectionists with the same vision to offer a traditional bar in the Northern Quarter. Our original aim was to find a small but perfectly formed venue that we could restore to a high standard whilst offering a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. It took two years and five sites later to find the right building and location, having spent many a day visiting potential venues which didn’t live up to our expectations.

Once the perfect site was found, we employed the design skills of the award winning interior design company Astill Associates, whose work in the Northern Quarter has included Thomas Street Restaurant and Cord. They came up with the concept based on the visions we had discussed and the history of Tib Street in mind.

Once the design had been finalised it was down to my team at Classic Building and Joinery to turn things around within eight weeks, stripping everything back to brick and starting again. The renovation didn’t come without its problems but somehow we overcame them and after a lot of dirt and late night finishes we got there, officially opening on 25th May 2012.

The people involved with Tib Street Tavern have been key to the fast turnaround and very high quality finish and we owe a lot of thankyou’s, the major ones go to Paul at Astill Associates, David at SEO77 and Josh our semi-Peruvian heart throb but we will be eternally grateful to everyone who helped to get the place open.

We are very proud of what has been created and we hope you will like it too.

Thanks Everyone!

Jon Dootson

Co-founder of Tib Street Tavern

The Street

Having started life as a pathway near the ‘River Tib’, what became known as Tib Street went on to form part of the large Smithfield market area of Manchester. Over the years it has been home to a diverse range of industry from textile companies to the adult shops but it is most famous for the pet shops, a result of what was a large trade in birds and livestock when the market was around. You will see our ‘nod’ to the pets and livestock around Tib Street Tavern but thankfully we have no stuffed animals on display!

We have a number of photos on display at Tib Street Tavern, one of which is a typical Saturday scene on Tib Street some time in 1959 and as much as the fashion and cars have moved on, you can still recognise some of the iconic buildings.

The building that is now home to Tib Street Tavern was once occupied by Westwell & Co, who were textile and shipping merchants in the 1950’s, with Blakes Medical Stores on one side and Yate’s on the other. In recent years the area has undergone a huge amount of regeneration by Manchester City Council and there are now a number of listed buildings on the Street to protect and maintain some of the charm.

The diversity of business still remains today on Tib Street, with our neighbours ranging from Bags of Flavor, just over the road, to the chippy a bit further up the street. We feel honoured to be a part of this great community and are grateful to our neighbours for putting up with us during our various renovations and face lifts over time!

We think if Tib Street could talk, it would tell some fascinating stories….