Plenty of football action this weekend at Tib Street Tavern.


Football Matches at Tib Street Tavern

After the intense mid-week Football matches, we’re on a cliff hanger, waiting to see what will happen next in the Premier League story. To get the weekend’s ball rolling, the North-East derby between Newcastle and Sunderland will be kicking off at 12.45pm on Saturday, shortly followed by Manchester United playing Stoke City at 3pm.


The early afternoon fixture is between two sides who are both coming away from mid-week derbies, but West Brom won’t have the same confidence as Liverpool after their defeat against Villa last night, kick off is at 1.30pm.


1.30pm Sunday 2nd

Second place Arsenal will host Palace in what should be a straight forward win for the Gunners at 4pm.


4pm Sunday 2nd

Then the Monday night match between City and Chelsea should replace any Monday blues you may have with utter excitement, the evening fixture starts at 8pm.


8pm Monday 3rd

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