Northern quarter pubs

Manchester’s Northern Quarter may already be well regarded as a hive of bars, clubs and eateries but there is always space for one more place to drink, dine and be merry. The Tib Street Tavern is one of the newer Northern Quarter pubs, having opened its doors on 25th May 2012. Tib Street Tavern embraces the history and tradition of the area combining a vintage pub design with some contemporary features. You can sit and relax by the grand windows, watching the world go by with a glass of Italian lager or latte, or stay to enjoy a late night dance when the evening crowd arrive.

Unlike many of the Northern Quarter pubs, there are no gimmicks, it’s not attempting to be a theme bar but it does offer hearty cuisine and a good old fashioned selection of beers, spirits and wines from around the continent. Draught lagers such as Moretti and Amstell along with a selection of foreign beers, ensure a choice to satisfy most tastes. The kitchen is now completed at Tib Street Tavern and in addition to our premium bar snacks we can offer a full menu as well as a buffet menu for your private party. There is plenty of choice to tempt your taste buds!

Having celebrated all things Jubilee at the start of summer 2012 and following Team GB with their many successes at the 2012 Olympics, there are still a multitude of events planned at Tib Street Tavern so please have a look at the events calendar. Whilst we are one of the only Northern quarter pubs to show a lot of the great sporting events, we also have ‘sport free zones’ in the Tib Street Tavern for those of you who want to escape it all! Maybe you could create your own private event with us, book a booth or our downstairs area for your own gathering, just get in touch and we’ll make it easy for you.

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